organic food in York since 1972


Local is the current buzz word in food retailing. For over twenty years we have been doing our best to source organically grown or unsprayed produce from the York area. 

Please take a look at the growers pages of this site to see photos and information about our local suppliers. 

We also use a European Wholesaler who provides us with with a selection of mediterranean fruit and veg. They do not deal with supermarkets and they have a personal relationship with their growers so we have confidence in the organic credentials of their produce.

Unlike the supermarkets nearly all our fruit and veg is sold loose not shrink wrapped. It may also be somewhat uneven in size and shape. Supermarkets claim to support the idea of organics yet they still demand that produce conforms to shape, colour and size criteria which means that any grower dealing with them finds that a high percentage of their produce is rejected for spurious cosmestic reasons.