The world's most exciting chocolate?

In order to tempt you into the shop, as well as our usual wide range of foods, we are stocking a new range of chocolate from Zotter of Austria. In the 1990s Josef Zotter set out to discover the secrets of chocolate.



 This is him, pictured in ...experimental mood.




Now his company produces chocolate bars of the highest quality and with some of the most unusual and innovative flavours and textures you'll ever experience. There are 2 ranges, one is called Labooko (The Book). These are two different solid bars of chocolate sold in a hinged pack that opens out like a book. Inside there are tasting notes and descriptions of the type of beans and processing. There are several different pairs of chocolate from 100 % dark cocoa bars to chocolate made with sheep's milk or vegan bars made from soya milk. The other type of bar is called "hand scooped" and is a filled bar covered in a variety of dark or milk chocolate. These are really all about the fillings. Do you fancy slivers of pear & grated orange peel with a hint of orange liqueur in dark chocolate? Or why not try caramelized pumpkin seeds mixed with marzipan in dark chocolate, or roasted cashews spiced up with a hint chilli & sun-dried pineapple pieces, finished in a coating of milk chocolate? Or even apple, honey caramel & cinnamon stirred into a paste on a layer of cinnamon and apple, dipped in a dark milk chocolate? 


 Zotter chocolate is Organic and Fairtrade and has proved to be our most popular new poduct ever.


This is a small selection of our stock of fantastic Zotter chocolate:



Alligator workers meet our chocolate hero...Sepp (Josef) Zotter.

We were very pleased to spend time with him. He's incredibly enthusiastic and passionately committed to the bean to bar production of organic fairtrade chocolate.





Click on this link to take a tour of the Zotter Chocolate factory:


 and visit http://www.zotter.at/en/home.html to enter the crazy world of Josef Zotter


or you can click below to see video about Josef Zotter and his fabulous chocolate factory